Tips for finding things to follow

Here are some tips for finding useful activity to follow in your community.

  • Browse the content, people, or places that your co-worker or someone with similar interests follows by clicking Places or People on their profile page. This way you can quickly find things and people you should also follow.

    It can also be helpful to look at their bookmarks. For more information about bookmarks, see Using bookmarks.

  • Read the All Activity: Top & Trending stream on the News page to see what other people are excited about.
  • Browse for items using the People browse in the main navigation menu or Your Content or Your Places in your user profile menu in the upper right.

    Once you're browsing, type keywords into the filter box to narrow your results. For more information about filtering, see Browse and filter content, people, and places.

  • Use Search to find things that interest you. To learn how search works, see Using Spotlight search.
  • Try following a tag. Note that this can be tricky because people from all over the community assign tags, so you may not know how other people are tagging content, places, and people. For more information, see Following tags.