Following tags

You can follow tags to discover new areas where you can become involved and stay informed.

Tags can generate more participation and collaboration by helping people find your content. Create custom streams that include people, places, and tags so you can fine-tune the stream's content. Following tags in custom streams helps bring you relevant information from uncommon sources.

For example, if you're in the accounting department, you can add the VP of Finance and the Accounting Group to your Accounting stream. But also think about adding tags like #money, #pay, #taxes to direct content into your stream that you don't normally come across. For more information, see Creating custom streams and Examples of custom streams.

To follow a tag:

  1. Create a custom stream.
  2. Search for relevant terms.
  3. Click Tags to see all tags that relate to that search term.
  4. Click Add to include tags in your stream.
Note: When you follow a tag, only content that's been tagged with that tag sometime in the previous 180 days shows up in your custom stream.