Using blogs

Use blog posts to express ideas or opinions and get community feedback. If you've got something to say, you can write it in a blog.

  • Use your blog to express opinions, call attention to noteworthy items you've seen (such as an article on the Internet), or make proposals.
  • Because other people can comment on your blog posts, they are a great way to pitch ideas that could impact the team or the organization. Of course, you can comment on other people's blog posts, too.
  • Your community might include several blogs, for example, "Bill's Blog" (with posts from Bill) or "The Human Resources Blog" (with posts from people in the HR department). Your administrator can also create personal blogs and associates them with particular people or teams.
  • If you want to see some of the blogs in your community, go to Your Avatar > Your Content, select All on the left, and then click Blog Posts.

    You can see the latest blog posts from around the community.

Adding blog posts

To start a new blog post:

  • Click Pencil icon > Blog post and write a post.

If you haven't created a blog before, you get a choice between setting up your own personal blog and posting in a blog belonging to a particular place. Place blogs typically relate to the subject matter of a group or space.

After you've written some content and decided where to publish it, you can also decide whether to publish it right away by clicking Publish, or whether to schedule it for a later date. Select Schedule when this post gets published and then select the time and date you want.