Group creation options

Creating a group always starts with clicking Group in the Create menu, but it helps to understand the options that can help your group do what you want it to.

Group landing page

The main group page is defined by the types of pages enabled for the group.

Enabled pages Landing page
Activity + Pages The leftmost page in the group navigation menu.
Overview only Overview page
Activity + Overview Defined during community setup (under Advanced options in the Create Group or Edit Group dialog box)

Advanced group creation options

In the following table, the asterisks (*) note when this advanced option for place navigation might be unavailable. For more information on differences between Activity and Overview pages, see Understanding pages in places.

Important: We do not recommend that you use widgets and widgetized Overview pages in your community. For more information, see Understanding pages in places.
I want to. . . I should. . . Can I change this later?
Collaborate in private by limiting who can see what's in my group, or even who can see that my group exists. Choose a Private or Secret (also known as Private: Unlisted) group type during the initial setup. You can change this setting later. For more information, see Types of groups. Yes. Note that changing this setting changes the visibility setting for all the group's content.
Design a landing page that's optimized for a specific work purpose. Create a group, then for the Activity page choose and configure a Place Template customized for the kind of work you want to do. For more information, see Designing activity and custom pages for places. Place Templates only apply to Activity pages. Yes.
Design a landing page with widgets* Select Overview or Activity + Overview under the Advanced options during setup, and fill out a widget layout under Manage > Overview page from the group page. For more information, see Designing Overview pages for places. Yes.
Make more custom pages in the place for displaying information, not just a landing page. Create the group, and then add the pages to your place afterward. See Adding custom pages to places. Yes.
Integrate external streams from Facebook, Chatter, or any other apps your community admin has enabled.* Create the group, then click Add a stream integration when configuring the Activity page. For more information, see Adding tiles with external stream integrations to Activity page. Yes, but keep in mind that some external stream types cannot be disconnected from the group except via a case with Support.
Limit the kinds of content that can be included in this place. During place setup, after you preview the group, edit the Activity page. Yes.
Store the place binary documents outside Jive, for example, in Box or SharePoint. During place setup, after you preview the topic, edit the Activity page. External file storage is available if at least one storage provider has been set up by community administrators. For more information, see Using external file storage. Yes, but if the place is later disconnected from external storage, users will see references to documents that they can't access from Jive anymore.
Make this group a place for collaborating with people who aren't members of the community. Make the group Private or Secret, and select Externally Accessible. For more information, see External groups overview Yes. Changing the Externally Accessible setting will remove access by non-members, but their contributions will stay in the group.
Make sure people can find the place. Add tags and place categories to your place in the place settings. Yes. Just remove or replace the tags or place categories.