How Do I Use Feeds?

Use RSS feeds to get content updates without visiting the community .

By subscribing to a feed and using a feed reader (also known as an aggregator), you can discover what has changed in the application without having to visit it. To learn more about feeds, see What are feeds?.

Note: RSS subscriptions are not supported if you have SSO enabled in your community because the RSS reader cannot follow HTTP redirects for authentication.
  1. To subscribe to an RSS feed
    Option Description
    For places Go to the landing page, click Actions > Feeds.
    For blogs Go to the blog's landing page and click View Feeds.
    For discussions Go to the discussion and click on the feed icon .
  2. You'll see a list of available feeds for that place. To subscribe, click on the link that corresponds to the content type you want.
    You can subscribe to specific content types, such as only discussions posted in a group or only the comments of a blog.
  3. Select the application you want to use as your feed reader (typically Google, MyYahoo, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) and click Subscribe Now.
    Note: When you subscribe, you may need to enter your user name and password so that Jive knows it's not giving feed information to just anyone.
Attention: In order to subscribe to RSS feeds with Outlook 2007, you'll need to use this limited workaround, if you use Internet Explorer.