Creating documents for yourself

You can create a Hidden document to keep it private. Later, you can change the visibility to include other people if you need to.

If you don't want others to see your content, you can keep private documents, events, tasks, bookmarks, ideas, and uploaded files. You can either publish items as hidden or save as draft to ensure no one else can see it. For more information on which content types can be hidden, limited to specific people, or public, see Content visibility options.

To create a document that is visible only to you:

  1. Click Pencil icon > Document or another content type.
  2. When you finish editing, under Publish Location, select Hidden before you publish or save as a draft.

Similarly to documents, you can create other private content items.

To see your hidden content:

  • Go to Your Avatar > Your Content in the main navigation menu, and then click Authored in the left sidebar.

From there, you can edit your content items and keep them hidden, or you could make it visible to other users by changing the visibility options before publishing. You can also filter content by type.