Making and managing announcements

Announcements can be an effective way to get people's attention.

You can post an announcement when you are the owner of a place (space, project, or group). Announcements appear in the Inbox of users following the place and on the banner on the home page of the place.

If available in the community, users may also get an email when a new announcement is posted if they selected Email for Inbox: Activity on their Preferences page. For more about that, be sure to read Customizing Email Notifications. If you do not want Inbox and email notifications sent when you create an announcement, be sure to uncheck the Send Inbox notifications box (checked by default).

To create an announcement:

  1. Go to the landing page where you want the announcement to appear. This can be the landing page of a space, project, or group that you own.
  2. Click the Manage > Announcements.
  3. Click Add a new announcement.
  4. Enter the details of your announcement and specify the beginning and expiration dates. Decide how long the announcement should be displayed by selecting a start and end date.

    Announcements start at 12:00 (AM) on the start date and expire at 23:59 on the end date, in the announcement creator time zone.

  5. If you do not want Jive Inbox and email notifications sent when you create an announcement, clear the Send Inbox notifications box.
  6. Click Save.

To share, edit, expire, or delete an announcement:

  • Click Show Details on the announcement or navigate to the home page of the space, project, or group where the announcement appears and click gear icon > Announcements.

Note that when you expire an announcement, you are saving and hiding it, but not deleting it. This is useful if you want to repost the announcement at a later date.