Creating polls

You can use polls to get instant feedback on a question. A poll is a fast way to ask a multiple-choice question in the community.

When you create a poll, you define the question and the possible answers. For example, you could create a poll asking the community if your team should change a workflow process. A poll appears on the home page of the place in which it is created. As people respond to the poll, results are displayed graphically as colored bars. A person can vote only once in the poll.

To create a poll:

  1. Click > Poll.
  2. In Poll Title, enter a title for your poll.

    The title appears above the list of options in the published poll, so you should use it as the poll question. For example, "Where should we have the holiday party?"

  3. Add a description to provide more information about the poll.

    The description is displayed below the title, and above the options or the results, depending on whether the poll is completed.

  4. In Choice 1 and Choice 2, enter answer options.

    For example, choices for the holiday party poll might be, "In the office," "In a restaurant," "At someone's house," and so on. You can also add choices.

  5. If required, add more choices by clicking Add a Choice and filling in a description for each choice.
  6. Select where you want to publish the poll. To get wider participation, publish your poll to the entire community and then share it with people and groups who might be interested.
  7. Under Tags, add tags to the poll for it to appear in searches.
  8. If your poll will be published in a space, optionally select the categories to which this poll belongs.
  9. To change the publish and end dates of the poll, do the following:
    1. Under Advanced Options, select Change voting options.
    2. Set the dates when you want to publish the poll (immediately or a specific date) and when you want voting to end (on a specific date, in a specified amount of days, or manually).

    The created poll appears in the place you have chosen.

  10. Click Create.