Inviting people to join groups

As a group administrator or member, you can invite people to join the group. Note that if you're using Jive as an internal corporate community, people from outside the community might not be able to join your group.

You can find out about group members as follows:
Count of members (and followers)
Click About on the group's landing page.
Who are members (or followers)
Click on the Followers and Members links to be directed to the group's People page.

Any group member can invite any other user to join a group. If the group is public, then you can share the group with non-members. If the group is private or secret (also known as Private: Unlisted), the invited user must accept the invitation. A group administrator must then approve the request to join the group. If it was a group administrator who originally sent the invitation to the private or secret group, the approval is automatic. For more information on how a group's type affects the content visibility, participation, and invitation permissions for group members, see Types of Groups.

To invite people to join your group:

  1. Go to your group and select Actions > Invite members.
  2. In the Invite People dialog box, enter the Jive user names or email addresses of people you want to invite. If you can't remember them, you can do two types of searches:
    • To invite several people from your email address book, browse your contacts by clicking the browse icon. Select the people you want to invite, and then click Add selected people.
      Note: You can also paste in a comma-, space-, or semicolon-separated list of addresses exported from your email application.
    • To invite only those with certain skills, click Search by skill to browse people by their skills. Type in the skill you are looking for, or select a popular one. Select the people you want to invite, and then click Add selected people.
  3. Under Include a personal note, edit the message you want potential group members to see with their invitation.
  4. Click Send Invitation.

The invitations are sent to the persons you specified.