Making things easier to find

You can rely on these best practices to make things easier to find for yourself and others.

To help yourself and other people find the content that you create, try the following:

  • Put the content in a place where it's likely to be discovered. For example, put it in a group that's open-access and of interest to your audience to attract the notice of community members who follow that group. Before you publish new content in a place, you can see how many people are following the place, and (if it's a group) how many are members.
  • Bookmark content so that you and others can find it by browsing bookmarked items. For more information, see Using bookmarks.
  • Apply tags to the content or add them in the body of the content by using the #, which is a hash or pound sign, and following it with the tag phrase, such as #tagging_this. Tags give other people a way to find things based on the ways your community thinks about them. You can follow tags in your streams. For more information about tags, see Using tags and Following tags.
  • As you collaborate on content, make sure you mark it appropriately. For example, if someone answers your question, mark the answer as Correct. If a document reaches a final state, mark it Final or Official. Other people can see these outcomes and use them to filter results when searching and browsing.
  • You can make yourself easier to find by adding information to your profile that other people might be interested in. You can add your experiences to your expertise list. For more information about profiles, see Setting up your profile.