Using apps in content

By using !App, you can bring links and images from a Jive App into your community so you can share them with others.

Similar to @mentions alert people and places, there's also a symbol you can use to invoke a Jive App from any discussion, blog post, document, or comment in Jive. Just type "!" and you see a list of installed apps.

When you create or comment on content in your community, you have the ability to !Apps. This is a way to share app artifacts with others. This enables you to generate a conversation about the app artifact or share it with people. If they don't have the app, they are invited to download it when they click the image or link.

To get content from a Jive App:

  1. In the content editor, type the "!" symbol (or click the "!" icon if it is available).
    A search dialog opens and suggests possible matches.
  2. Select the Jive App from the list and navigate to the image or content in the Jive App to produce a link.