Importing content into blogs

If you have content from another blog that you want to bring into your Jive blog, you can import it. Jive supports blogs in the Movable Type format.

If you've got a blog in Jive, you can import content from your other blogs. You need to first export content from those blogs into the Movable Type import format. Some blogging tools support this option.

If you export content from WordPress, you might need to do a little editing of the exported content before you import it. When your WordPress blog posts include HTML tags, the file exported from WordPress omits tags that are needed to tell Jive that the HTML is there. You need to enclose the content in <body> tags before importing. Here is an example:

This is my <b>BOLD</b> HTML example.
<body>This is my <b>BOLD</b> HTML example.</body>

To import content into your own Jive blog:

  1. Go to your avatar > View Profile to view your profile.
  2. Click Content.
  3. Under Your Blog, click your blog name.
    Note: You won't see your blog here until you have published at least one blog post.
  4. Under Actions, click Manage to open the blog management page.
  5. Under Manage, click Import.
  6. Click Browse.
  7. Find and select your file, and then click Open.
  8. Click Upload File.