Managing group members

By managing group members, you can make changes like disabling them, deleting them, or sending them messages.

When managing group members, you can, among other actions, ban or disable members, delete members from the group, and send messages to members. You can also export member information as a contact list which can be imported into another application, such as an email address book.

This is also the place to change a selected member's role from administrator to member, or back the other way. An administrator role lets the member make the same kinds of changes you can make as the group's owner.

But if you need to see a quick count of members and followers, click About on your group's landing page. From here, you can click on the Followers and Members links to be directed to your group's People page.

To manage group members:

  1. Go to the group and click the Manage > Members.
  2. To manage multiple members at once, select all members you want to modify and then use the Modify selected list to select the action you want to apply to all selected members.
  3. Click Change > Change Role, Disable or Delete next to the members you want to manage.
  4. Click OK.