News Digest

The News Digest is a summary of community news that you can choose to receive by email.

  • To receive the News Digest, click Your avatar > Preferences answer Yes to Receive notifications?, and select Email next to News Digest.

Additionally, you can select a frequency with which the digest is sent to you.

The digest includes:

  • Your status. If you've entered a status message, it is in the email.
  • A list of activity around your content. If you've created or commented on content, for example, it is listed here. This list also includes notes about content of yours that was viewed or commented on by others.
  • A list of activity by people connected to you.
  • A list of popular content in the community.

The links in the digest open content right in the community.

Note: If the community contains no activity, the digest is not sent.
  • To cancel the News Digest, click your avatar > Preferences and clear Email next to News Digest.