You can engage with other users in the community by commenting on content or joining discussions.

Collaboration is your main activity in the community. When you look around your community and discover documents and conversations, you can take advantage of the opportunity to comment and collaborate. The following guidelines can help you get started with participating:

  • To comment on a content item, you should click Add a Comment or Reply at the bottom of a document, blog post, question, or discussion. You can reply to an individual message in a thread or the original post. Everyone reading the thread sees your response.
  • Documents have owners who control whether you can change the content of the document, comment on it, or view it. You may be able to see documents that you don't have permission to comment on or participate in. If you think you should be able to comment on a document and you can't, contact the author and ask for permission.
  • If you can edit a document, you can see Edit near the Actions menu.
  • A comment or a reply may have a badge showing Decision, Action Item, or Success. These badges help you avoid endless discussion and quickly determine the state or outcome of the conversation. For more information about marking, see Using Marking feature.
  • Comments and replies may also be liked or marked as helpful. These are tallied for reporting activity in places or the entire community.
  • A badge shows others how helpful someone has been to you. To give someone a badge, go to their profile page and click Actions > Give Badge.