Repurposing content items

If you want to use an existing document or another item as the base for a new one, the HTML editor can help.

In Jive, you can copy existing documents or create templates for them. For more information, see Copying content and Creating templates.

But if you need more flexibility, you can create a new content item and use the HTML code from an existing item as the base for a new one. For more information about working with source code in the content editor, see Using content editor.

To start a new document using an old one as the base:

  1. Go to the document you want to start with, and click Edit in the Actions menu.
  2. On the editor menu, click <HTML>.
    This switches the document editor into HTML mode and exposes the HTML code.
  3. In a different browser tab, start creating a new document.
  4. Click <HTML> to switch the new document into HTML mode.
  5. Select all the HTML in the base document and copy it, then paste it into the new document.
  6. Switch the new document back to the full editor and edit the document before saving.