Marking as Reserved

You can reserve a document or file to alert other users you're working on it. This doesn't lock the document, but it alerts other users that you are planning to update the item.

Reserving documents is especially useful if you're using uploaded files, but can't use the Jive for Office. The Reserved badge doesn't prevent anyone else from editing, but it shows information about who is working with the item, making it easy for other people to check in with you before adding their own edits. For more information, see Reserving files and documents.

To mark a file as Reserved and remove to remove the marking:

  1. Go to the document or file you want to reserve.
  2. To mark the content item, click Mark as Reserved on the right sidebar.
    The Reserved badge is added at the top of the document.
  3. To free the file for editing, use any of the following:
    • Click Unmark next to the Reserved label on the document or file page.
    • Publish the item. When you or anyone else publishes a new version, the Reserved badge is removed.
    • Mark it as Final, Official, or Outdated. These markings override Reserved, and the reserved badge is removed.