How Do I Use the Save Draft Feature?

Use the Save As Draft feature to quickly jot down and save your thoughts in documents or blog posts. Then, you can come back later to edit and publish your content. You can also collaborate with others on saved drafts before publishing them.

You can use the Save As Draft feature on blog posts and documents. This can be useful if you need time to marinate your thoughts a little before publishing something. Just create a document or blog post and click Save Draft. Later, when you want to edit it, go to Content > Drafts to see your all your saved drafts. From there, filter your Drafts results by Documents or Blog Posts, find and click on the draft, and then click Edit. You can edit the content and save it again as a draft, or publish it. Drafts are not visible in any streams.

Collaborating on Drafts

You can collaborate on drafts of blog posts or documents before you publish them. Just create the post and save it as a draft. From there, click Share. Select the people you want to share the post with, include a message for them, and then click Share. The recipient(s) will be able to edit the post and either save it as a draft or publish it.