Search and browse features

Here is an overview of Jive search and browse features. Note that as you interact in the community, Jive keeps track of your interests and connections and recommends relevant content, people, and places.

Search for something specific by using keywords in the Spotlight Search
Clicking the search icon opens the Spotlight search. For information on using it, see Using Spotlight search.
View your History and Recently Viewed items
  • To see your Jive browsing history, click the search icon, and then select History.
  • To see your recently viewed items, click Show all my recently viewed content.
Search for something within a place
If you know something is saved in a specific place, you can limit your spotlight search to just that place. First, go to the place. Then, type your keyword into the search box and select Show: Only for [this Place].
Search for someone's content
If you know someone authored a document or participated in a discussion but you can't remember any keywords from the discussion, go to the person profile and click Content. From there, browse through their recent content creations and updates, to find what you're looking for.
Find places by categories
To find places marked with certain place categories, click your avatar > Your Places > All, and then click Add Filter and select a predefined place category in the All list.

This works only if your community manager set up place categories.

Browse and filter content, people, and places

Click People in the top main navigation menu (it may be nested under the Browse button), or in the menu under your avatar click Your Content or Your Places. On the opened page, use the left navigation pane to refine the results by how they relate to you. For more information on filtering, see Browse and filter content, people, and places.

Bookmark useful content and use your bookmarks
You can bookmark any piece of content, and then look at your most recent bookmarks later by clicking the Spotlight search at the upper right corner, and then clicking Bookmarks. To browse through all of your bookmarks, click Show all my bookmarks. From there, you can see the bookmarks of others by clicking All in the left sidebar.
Tag content to make it easier to find later
You can assign tags that act as keywords to existing or new content to describe it for people who might search for it later. You can also assign tags to a status update. For more information about tagging, see Using tags.
Use recommendations
Jive includes a powerful "genius" feature that analyzes your business relationships, expertise, and areas of interest based on your behavior in the community. It then uses that data to recommend relevant content, people, and places that you have not yet seen in the community. There are several places in the interface where you see your recommendations, but a quick way to see them is to navigate to People (in the main navigation menu) or to Your Places or Your Content (from the menu under your avatar). Then click Recommended in the left sidebar. For more information about using recommendations, see Using your recommendations.
Search in your language

Searches are performed across all supported languages of the Jive platform. When you search for something, however, the search engine first searches for results that match the language you have set in your Preferences on your profile page (click on your avatar and go to Preferences). If you do not have a language set there, the search engine uses the locale setting of your browser.