Time zone and locale preferences

Your time zone and locale settings determine how time and locale are displayed on your content.

This can be important if you use Jive from a web browser set to another locale, such as when you're working in another country. Your preference takes precedence. If you want to use the locale set by your administrator for the entire community, make sure that your web browser is not set to a specific locale (or the browser locale overrides the administrator's locale setting unless the browser locale is not supported by Jive).

Decimal and thousand separators for files sizes are displayed according to the locale. When you set the locale on the Preferences page, Jive uses this locale. If your locale is set to default, Jive uses browser locale.

Your time zone setting is used in the timestamp when you publish a blog post, document, or discussion. Your administrator sets the time zone that affects the start and end times for all announcements, polls, projects, tasks, and checkpoints.

To set your time zone and locale preferences:

  1. Go to Your Avatar > Preferences to open the Preferences page.
  2. Select your Language and Locale.
  3. Select your Time Zone.
  4. Click Save.