Troubleshooting and FAQs for Jive Apps

Here are answers to some specific questions about Jive Apps and how they work.

I have a problem with my app: what should I do?

Jive Apps are supported by the developers who created them, just like apps you may have used on your smartphone or another mobile device. To get support for an app, select the App Settings button and select About. You'll be presented with a link to either the developer's support web site or a support email address.

I can no longer use my app: what happened?

Sometimes apps become disabled when their data stream is interrupted, or when the app can't connect to the Internet. Your community administrator can also disable an app if she decides it's not appropriate for your community. Finally, for paid apps, billing issues like an expired credit card can result in the app getting temporarily disabled. If a paid app is disabled, we will no longer charge your credit card for app usage. In general, we try to give you detailed instructions on how to get your app started again. However, if you need some help troubleshooting, you should reach out to your community administrator.

I'm leaving my community: what happens to my information?

If you leave your community, your credit card will automatically be disabled when your administrator turns off your access to the community. If you still see charges on your card please contact Jive directly at