Uploading a File to Jive

You can upload a variety of files to the community to collaborate on them with others.

Depending on how your community manager has set up your community, you can upload a variety of external file types such as Microsoft Word documents, Adobe PDFs, and so on. After you have uploaded a Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF external file, you can view and navigate through a preview view of its pages.

Note: If you have Jive for Office, manage and sync the document with the community while working within Office (Windows only). For more information about this, see Working with Shared Office Documents.

Uploading a file is a great way to include an externally-authored document or track its progress. For example, you can upload a Word document, then add collaborators so that it gets reviewed in Jive by other team members.

To upload an external file to Jive, click Pencil icon > Files, then click to select the file you want or drag and drop it into the interface. If your community manager has enabled the antivirus feature, there will be a slight delay while the file is being scanned for viruses. For more on where to publish, and controlling who edits, see Getting More Out of Documents.

Uploading Multiple Files

You can use the same procedure to upload up to 50 files. (Some communities may have a different setting.) Files will be named automatically based on their original filenames. However, you can edit the names afterward for greater clarity.

You don't need to worry about filling the activity stream with notifications or sending multiple email notifications when you upload more than one file. When you upload multiple files, the notifications will be bundled together into a single notification. If there are only a few, you can see previews of the files in the stream.