Video FAQ

Use these frequently asked questions to help you better understand Jive videos.

Will I see all videos when I browse Jive videos?
When you insert a video into content, reply or comment by clicking Browse Jive Videos, you can choose from all videos published to the entire community, shared with you, or published to places you have access to, such as a private group you belong to or a space you have permission to view.
Can I mark videos as private?
Video permissions are consistent with content type permissions. When you publish a video to a private place, it is only available to members of that place. If you publish a video to a select few users, only they are able to view that video.
Should Your avatar > Your Content > Videos show all of the videos I've uploaded?
No. You only see videos here that you've uploaded by using the create menu (Pencil icon). When you upload videos into content types, they do not show up in Your Content except as part of that content type.
Can I embed videos from the Kaltura video platform?
Yes, if your administrators allowed embedding videos from the platform. Note that the URL of the embedded video must include the part in order to pass validation for the Kaltura platform.