Overview of Jive Apps and app actions

You can use Jive Apps to accomplish focused tasks, integrate with other systems, or provide new functionality to your Jive experience.

Jive Apps are lightweight applications that are hosted by Jive or a third-party, which means you don't have to download anything to your computer and you are always looking at the latest version. When you install an app in Jive, you connect to it and enable it to access information that helps you work more effectively.

You can find Jive Apps when you click Apps at the top of your screen, where they always are when you're logged into the community. Some apps can bring in information from outside of your community, while others manage information within the community itself. You can also access some Jive Apps through extension points throughout the UI known as app actions. For instance, some apps are accessible from the menu in the right sidebar when viewing content and some apps are accessible from the create menu.

Contact your Community Manager for acquiring additional Jive Apps.

App actions

Apps can be used in other places beyond the Apps menu at the top of the screen. These additional app extension points are called app actions. An app action can appear in one of many different locations within the Jive UI: as a menu item in the Create menu (within the Apps section), in the sidebar when viewing a document (within the App Actions section), as a new tab in a group or project, when typing "!" while editing content. It is up to the Jive App developer exactly which of these extensions are accessible and exactly what action occurs when you select this action.