What can external contributors see?

External contributors can't see everything in the community because they are limited to the content in their groups and a few other restrictions.

External contributors can see:

  • Groups they have joined
  • Content and projects within those groups
  • Other users who are also members of those groups

External contributors cannot see:

  • Spaces or projects besides those in their groups
  • Community Overview page found when you click Home
  • Global or public content, such as status updates, public bookmarks, or public documents and discussions
  • Apps, but they can see images embedded by apps within their groups

What is unavailable to external contributors?

External contributors can use the community similarly to a standard user with the following exceptions:

  • Update their status.
  • Create public discussions and documents.
  • See and work with private messages; only unauthorized messages are seen.
  • See or use Jive Apps. External contributors cannot see or launch Apps or App Actions.
  • Use Connects Services. External contributors also cannot see Connects Services in their user's Preferences page.
  • See or use the Tools page, so they can't download modules like Outlook, Office, and Jive Anywhere.
  • Access public external URL bookmarks or social bookmarking. External contributors can create and view internal bookmarks of Jive content.
  • Become group owners.