What are feeds?

Feeds are a way for you to keep track of Jive content updates without having to visit the application.

By subscribing to the content feed, you're asking to have easy access to information about content changes or additions. A feed, or an aggregator, brings you a list of updates that you can view in a feed reader. RSS and Atom are popular feed types.

Subscribing to feeds is an alternative to receiving email notifications, in which an email is sent each time content is changed or added (although you can also do both). You might prefer email notifications if you want to receive updates in a more passive but immediate way. You can set email notifications on individual items, or customize your email notification settings to get emails about particular kinds of activity; for more information, see Customizing notifications.

You can subscribe to feeds for content lists (such as a list of blogs, discussions, documents, or status updates you'd view), spaces, or discussion threads. For more information, see Using feeds.