Content visibility

The visibility of the content depends on the place where you published it. Different places have different visibility permissions.

In Jive, people post content in places. This means that all content (such as discussions, documents, and blog posts) is published in containers. A container can be a space, sub-space, group, project, or your own personal content. All places have visibility permissions set by the place owners that determine who can see the content posted in that place.

While it's best to keep things public whenever possible so that other community users can benefit from all of the content pieces (such as discussions or documents), there are times you may want to publish things only for yourself or a handful of other people. In addition, you may want to keep entire categories of content private, for example, accounting or human resources information. In that case, you can create a space or group with the content visibility options that you need. For more information about permissions, see Managing Permissions in the Community Administrator Guide.

For more information about the security of the community, see Security of content and activities.