Examples of Custom Streams

Here are some examples of custom streams you might create, depending on your role in the organization or how you want to check in on community activity throughout the day.

Consider creating and organizing your custom streams based on the following strategies. Try using a combination of these to develop the best approach for your unique needs.
My Stream
Create a stream where you follow yourself. This can help you get to your most-used items quickly.
Priority Streams
You might create streams for Immediate, Soon, and Later. You could check Immediate often, Soon occasionally, and so on. In Immediate, follow your high-priority people, places, and content items. In Soon, follow your less urgent people, places, and content items. This kind of organization can be good if you like to read some things later, but don't want to miss your high-priority things as they are posted.
Content Streams
You could create an Awesome Blogs stream where you follow the blogs of the CEO, CTO, and VP of your department.
Can't Miss
This stream can be very handy if you're in and out of the community a lot, and especially if you're out of the office for a few days. Add to this stream only critical items that you just can't miss. Then, make sure to set Email Updates to On when you are editing this stream. You can also set your email notifications by clicking your avatar in the top right and selecting Preferences.
Team and Product Streams
Add to these streams the people you work with, the content you all are working on, and the places where your team most frequently posts. Or, create just one good Team and Product stream to check throughout the day for updates from your team and the product you're working on.
Following Stream
When you start following people, places, and content items, they are automatically added to this stream. Use this stream if you just want to check in throughout the day but not create a lot of custom streams. This stream is included for you by default, and you can add to or delete content, people, and places from it.
Tag Streams
Follow tags that make sense for you. You can create an entire stream for one tag, or add tags to optimize your existing streams. If you're a QA Engineer, you might add the #test tag to your stream that already follows the QA Group.
Here are more specific streams that you might create, depending on your role in the organization.
If you work in the Engineering department, you might create the following new streams:
If you work in the Accounting department, you might create these streams:
If you work in the Sales department, you might create these streams: