Creating content by using email

There are several different kinds of supported email clients that your community administrator can tie into Jive, such as Microsoft Windows Outlook, Mac Mail, and Gmail. You may notice inconsistent results when creating Jive content by email because every email client creates emails in its own unique way. For this reason, do not use styles or images in email content that you post to Jive.

In general, the incoming and outgoing email features of Jive were designed to handle simple replies to content and creation of content in Jive.

Jive only creates content from the plain text version of an email, which may look significantly different than the rich text version of the email you created or can view in your email application.

In addition, Jive adds email attachments as content attachments if the created content item supports attachments. For example, a new discussion supports attachments, but a comment on a document does not.

Therefore, keep the text clean and do not use styles or embed images while using emails to post content on Jive.