Editing photo albums

You can modify an album title, description, and the associated tags and categories at any time. You can also change the location where the album is published.

To rename an album and change its description:

  1. Open the album which you want to edit.
  2. Under Actions, click Edit.
  3. To rename the album, edit the album title.
  4. To change the description, edit it as required.
  5. To change the place where the album is published, select a new place under In a Place.
  6. To change the associated tags, remove and add tags as required under Tags.
  7. To change the associated categories, select categories as required under Categories.
  8. To set up contributors, select the necessary options under Advanced options:
    • To allow all registered users to contribute, clear the Restrict authors check box.
    • If you want to be the only one to edit the album, select the Restrict authors check box, and then select Only I can edit this photo album.
    • If you want only some users to edit the album, select the Restrict authors check box, select Allow specific people to edit this photo album, then select one or more users to be added as contributors.
  9. Click Update photo album.