Customizing with plugins

Plugins are used to add new features to Jive, including new widgets, other UI features, and the ability to override existing workflow. As an administrator, you can control which plugins are available to users.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Plugins > Installed Plugins
Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Plugins > Add Plugin

If your community has any plugins installed, you can view a list of them in the Admin Console on the Installed Plugins page.

The Add Plugin page lists the plugins that are available to you. It also provides a place to add plugins for which you have a JAR file. The latest versions of Jive-supported plugins are available in Jive Extensions Catalog on Worx.

Whenever you add or remove a plugin, you need to restart the application server.

Note: In previous versions you could deploy a plugin by copying its JAR file to your plugins directory. That's not supported in this version.