Expertise required to administer Jive

Here you can find typical roles and their professional expertise required to manage the Jive application.

Community Administrator
Makes decisions for the community and set it up by using the user interface. Community Administrator manages the community and sets up permissions for places. For more information, see Administering the Community.
Database Administrator
Responsible for the administration of the database back-end to the Jive platform. DBA configures, implements, provisions and monitors databases supporting the Jive environment. DBA is responsible for database sizing, resource allocation, backups, high-availability, and security of the database engines. For more information on supported databases, see Supported database engines.
Directory Server Administrator
If you plan to provision Jive users from a directory server, such as LDAP or Active Directory, you need in-house or consulting expertise in operating and maintaining enterprise-level directories.
Linux System Administrator
The Linux System Administrator set up and maintain Jive in a Linux environment. Linux System Administrator performs upgrades, provisions, installs, configures, operates, and maintains the Jive system hardware, software, and related infrastructure. For more information, see Administering Jive platform.
Storage Administrator
Storage Administrator provisions shared NAS/SAN storage for your Jive installation. For more information, see Shared storage.