Managing Avatars

Avatars are one way for people to make their participation in the community more personal. You can configure the avatar settings for the community and manage the avatars that are available to your users by default.

An avatar is an image that represents a person in the community. A person's avatar is displayed when they contribute. You can turn on or off avatars in your community, specify the limits for displayed avatars, let the users upload their own avatars, and manage the gallery of the avatars.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Avatar Settings

Managing default avatars in the gallery

The application includes an avatar gallery of images. By default, the avatars are available for the registered users of your community. You can add new images to the gallery and delete obsolete images.

With avatars enabled, users see a Change photo & avatar link in the Actions list of their profile page. Depending on how you've set up the feature, users are able to select from the set of avatar images or upload their own.

For more information, see Managing avatar gallery.

Supporting user-uploaded avatars

For the users to personalize their profiles, you can enable avatars and let the users upload their avatars. Users can select one of the default images or upload new images, such as their photos.

Moderating user-uploaded avatars

You can have every user-uploaded avatar image added to a moderation queue for approval by checking Moderate uploaded user avatars. For more information, see Setting up user-uploaded avatar moderation.

Resizing avatars

You can set the maximum height or width that uploaded avatars should be. The default size is 128 by 128 pixels. Additionally, you can enable auto resizing of uploaded avatars to make it easier for people to upload the images they want to use.