Creating test environment for upgrading

If you are upgrading an existing instance of Jive, we strongly recommend you create a test environment for the new version before migrating your current database.

The following instructions assume that your application name is sbs and you are using a Postgres database.

  1. Dump the production database and copy it to your target server.
    pg_dump sbs -Fc -O -U postgres > sbs_prod.dmp
  2. Re-create the target database.
    createdb sbs -E UTF-8 -O sbs -U postgres
  3. Restore the database from production into the target.
    pg_restore -d sbs -O -x -i -U sbs < /home/your_name/sbs_prod.dmp
  4. Log into the database and override all of the email addresses to prevent spamming. We strongly recommend disabling email so that your Jive test instance does not spam users with email.
    update jiveuser set email = username || 'discard@localhost';
  5. Start the target app server.
  6. Rebuild the user and main search indexes at Admin Console: System > Settings > Search > Index Tasks.
  7. Update the jiveURL system property at Admin Console: System > Management > System Properties.
  8. Change or disable the Email Monitor at Admin Console: System > Settings > Email Server > Incoming Email.
  9. Change the Analytics database settings, if applicable.
  10. Change your SSO settings, if applicable.
  11. Change your video keys, if applicable.