Configuring incoming email

You can enable features through which people can post content to the application by sending email to a particular address. For that, you should set the connection to an incoming email server so the instance can receive email messages from users.

The application can listen for email in order to support replying to or creating content via email. These are two distinct features, and you can enable only one of them.
  • The incoming email monitor provides support through which users can reply to a discussion by email. It only supports discussion reply posts made by replying to a discussion notification email that a user receives. This feature requires only that you configure the community to retrieve messages sent to a mailbox you specify. For more information, see Configuring incoming email monitoring.
  • The advanced incoming email monitor provides support for replying to notifications for other content types in addition to discussions. It also supports people creating content and posting it via email. This feature involves more configuration work, including setting up email routing so that the community receives the messages intended for it. For more information, see Configuring advanced incoming email monitoring.