Configuring session affinity on load balancer

Jive requires session affinity to be configured on your load balancer.

Session affinity on the load balancer is required. For an F5 BigIP load balancer, you can use a default cookie persistence profile. For more information, see the recommended F5 settings in the F5 documentation. If you have another type of load balancer, which doesn't create its own cookies for session affinity, you can use the JSESSIONID cookie that Jive sets. For more information, see the Apache HTTPD documentation for examples.

To configure session affinity:

  1. Set a route string for each balancer member in your load balancer configuration. For example, use the string node01 in the balancer pool configuration for
  2. Set the corresponding startup property on that web application node. If you used the route string node01, you might set:
    jive set webapp.app_cluster_jvmroute node01
  3. Follow the same pattern for your other web application nodes.
  4. Restart the web application on all the web application nodes.