Configuring status levels

Jive records all the activities that community members perform in Jive and assigns badges based on point values and levels. Community members can see these standings and levels gained reported in Inbox and on the user profile.

About status levels

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Status Level Settings

People can accrue status by earning points as they create and respond to content in Jive. Assigning status levels this way is sometimes known as badging. Over time, people develop a reputation for reliability and authority in their favorite areas. The more people participate, the more information that is available for the community as a whole. Where a person's name is displayed, the user interface displays a status icon or badge, such as Status icon, corresponding to the number of points the person has accrued.

Note: The settings on the Status Level Settings page in the Admin Console are unavailable if you are using the Gamification add-on. For more information, see the Gamification Help.

Tips for status level configuration

  • Set the number of points per scenario based on the kinds of activity you want to reward. For example, if you want to provide a context in which questions are usually answered, award more points for correct and helpful question responses. For more information, see Adjusting status scenarios and points.
  • Define status levels or badges that people should be enthusiastic about. You can use any theme that fits your community goals and update the status levels accordingly. For more information, see Adding status levels.
  • Offer rewards or recognition for people who reach or maintain certain status levels.
Note: When content is deleted, status points are also deleted.