Configuring URL redirects

You can configure redirects for the URLs that generally result in the 404 page-not-found error.

Fastpath: Admin console: System > Settings > Redirection Rules

With redirect configured, when a user tries to open a non-existing page, they are directed to a substituting page. Note that you can configure such redirects for content pages only, such as documents, discussions, and questions. You can add them as required, at the same time you don't need to edit the Apache configuration or restart your community when adding or removing them.

Note: The limit is 7,500 redirects per community. We also recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser because it performs much faster than FireFox when your community uses page-level redirects.
You cannot redirect the following community pages:
  • Vanity URLs
  • Home and other primary landing pages, such as /welcome and /news
  • URLs with parameters
  • System URLs, for example, maintenance pages
  • Login pages

To configure redirection rules for content pages:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Redirection Rules.
  2. In Input URL (to match on), enter the URL of the page to be redirected.
  3. In Output URL (URL to redirect to), enter the URL of the page to be displayed when users navigate to the page you specified in Step 2.
  4. In Redirection type, select the type of redirect: 301 permanent or 302 temporary.
    We recommend that you use the 301 redirect for external-facing communities.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat Steps 2-5 for each page that must be redirected.

As a safety feature, each rule does not get executed more than once per request. For example, you cannot create an infinite loop by creating rules that redirect from A to B and B to A. Multiple rules can be executed for each request, for example, A to B and then B to C. The rules are checked in the order from top to bottom, so to execute a particular rule before others, you should move it to the top. All changes to the list take effect immediately.