Configuring cluster node (optional)

You can get information about any node in the cluster and make configuration changes to it from the Admin Console. You can enable or disable clustering from a node in the cluster and set the node's cluster address. This is unnecessary unless you want to ensure that the node has a particular TCP endpoint — IP address and port number.

By design, a node that is new to a cluster creates its own address and registers itself in the database as a member of the cluster. However, you need to manually copy the encryption keys from the /usr/local/jive/applications/app_name/home/crypto directory to the new node before you can start it successfully.

For information about how the clustering system works, see Clustering in Jive.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Cluster

Use the following settings on the Admin Console's Cluster page to get information and configure the cluster:

Setting Description
Enable cluster Select Enabled to enable this node for the cluster.
Cluster members Lists the addresses of other nodes in this cluster. Select the Remove check box to have this node's address removed from the database.
Local Cluster Address Displays this node's IP address and the port on which this node listens for others in the cluster. The IP address and port form the unique TCP endpoint for this node in the cluster.
Cluster Overview Lists the nodes in this cluster.