Improving SEO by adding keywords to URLs

With the feature enabled, the words from the Title field of the newly created content item are included in the URL of this content item. This change can improve SEO for external-facing communities.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features

Jive Cloud supports adding keywords to URLs from the 2016.2 version.

Keywords in URLs apply to the following content types:

  • Documents
  • Discussions
  • Questions
  • Ideas
  • Events
  • File uploads
  • Polls
  • Videos

Content that anonymous users can see has keywords in URLs, and all other content does not contain keywords in the URLs until it is published to a public location.

Content that cannot contain keywords in the URL includes:

  • Content published only to specific users
  • Content created in private, unlisted, or secret groups
  • Hidden content (where you publish only to yourself)
  • Spaces or subspaces with limited access

Tips for keywords in URLs

Adding keywords to existing content
You can add keywords to the URL of an existing content item that meets the criteria by editing the content item and then saving it. After saving it, you see the keywords in the URLs.
Editing the title
The original keywords are always used in the title no matter how many times you edit the title. To change the original title and keywords in the URL, you would need to delete the piece of content and create a new one.
URL integrity
When a content item is updated after the feature has been enabled, and its URL changes to include keywords, links to the preceding URL continue to work.
Keyword format

Case sensitivity: All words incorporated into the URL are lowercase

  • Delimiter: A hyphen "-" is used to separate words, special characters, and numbers
  • Delimiter exception: If a hyphen already exists in a keyword, such as in "non-existing," the existing hyphen is retained and no additional hyphen is added

Enabling keywords in URLs

To enable keywords in URLs:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > New Features.
  2. Under Keywords in Content URLs, select Enabled.
  3. Click Save to save the changes.