Jive security

Jive security and privacy features are designed to meet the requirements of the most tightly regulated global industries and government agencies.

Jive Software makes every effort to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its cloud-based, hosted, and on-premise communities, as well as its cloud-delivered services. Jive Software continually evaluates the security of current and past product versions to protect your organization data. This section provides a brief overview of Jive security features and some suggestions about the configuration features you can use to protect your community and its information.

For more information about Jive security architecture and practices, see the Jive Security whitepaper on Worx. A more detailed version is available under NDA from your Jive account representative or Support.

Note: This security section only describes the Jive application. It does not describe the security features of third-party products that integrate with Jive.