Managing Document Conversion

As the application converts PDFs and Office documents for preview, you can manage the conversions and troubleshoot them when necessary.

For example, you can delete failed conversion attempts, prompting the application to reconvert the document. You manage conversion in the Admin Console.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Management > Document Conversion Status

In the Admin Console, on the Document Conversion Status page, you can view the status of conversions. For each conversion in the list, you can find the information as described in Table 1.

You can filter the list of items by using the Filter by Filename box at the top of the page. For filtering, you can use either the full document ID number or a partial document file name.

Table 1. Document Conversion Status reference
Item Description
File Name The file name of the document. If you have rights to the document, you can click the file name to see the document in the community or to re-run the conversion, or click View to see only the converted document if available. You won't have access to private documents or documents in secret groups.
Size The file size in bytes.
PDF Status An indicator that shows whether PDF conversion succeeded.
Pages The number of pages in the document. This is blank for failed conversion attempts.
Preview Status An indicator that shows whether a preview was successfully created.
Thumbnail Status An indicator that shows whether a thumbnail view was successfully created.
Time An indicator that shows when the conversion attempt completed.
Error An indicator that shows any errors that occurred during the conversion attempt.