Network requirements

You should set up and optimize your network for Jive.

  • When you set up Jive, make sure your network has Gigabit Ethernet and the capacity to handle your community's traffic.
  • Make sure your application nodes are inside the same network. You can't distribute them across a WAN.
  • Enable traffic between different components, as described in List of required ports and domains.
  • Make sure that the PUT and DELETE methods are enabled on your router or proxy server. These methods are handled securely by the Jive web application and are required to run the application. For a thorough explanation of why these methods are secure and how they relate to the product web services architecture, see Jive Web Services Architecture on Worx.
  • Running Jive in SSL mode is required for production deployment. For more information, see Configuring SSL on load balancer.
  • Several Jive services have additional connectivity requirements. For more information, see Connecting to Jive-Hosted Services.