Required external components

The external components that are required in a production installation of Jive are listed here.

At a minimum, you need to set up a database server for the core web application, Activity Engine, and Analytics. For detailed information about requirements and setup, see Database configuration and best practices.
Load balancer
Because you need multiple application nodes to run Jive in production, you need to set up a load balancer to manage incoming traffic. Note that SSL termination at the load balancer is required; for details, see Configuring SSL on load balancer. SSL encryption between the load balancer and each web node is optional; for more information, see Configuring SSL between load balancer and web app nodes. You should also enable session affinity on the load balancer, as described in Configuring session affinity on load balancer.
Shared storage
For non-trivial deployments, we recommend that you provision a unit of shared storage on a SAN/NAS to store binary content. This single unit of storage must be mountable on all the web application nodes in your installation and should be easy to expand because the amount of content in Jive grows over time. This shared storage is used both for storing binary content, such as uploaded documents, and for storing the output after the Search server has indexed the text content. For more information on binary storage, see Configuring binary storage provider. To estimate the amount of disk space you need for this component, see Sizing binary storage.