Services properties commands

Here you can find the commands you can use with any of the services. These commands enable you to check the status of any of the services, as well as stop, start, or restart them.

jive status
Shows all of the services, their running status, and their enabled status.
jive status -v
Shows the ports on which the services are listening.
jive enable [servicename{cache,docconverter,eae,ingress-replicator,search,webapp,httpd}]
Enables the specified service so that it starts when you run jive start.
jive disable [servicename{cache,docconverter,eae,ingress-replicator,search,webapp,httpd}]
Disables the specified service.
jive start
Starts all enabled services.
jive start [servicename{cache,docconverter,eae,ingress-replicator,search,webapp,httpd}]
Starts the one specified service.
jive stop
Stops all running services.
jive stop [servicename{cache,docconverter,eae,ingress-replicator,search,webapp,httpd}]
Stops the one specified service.
jive restart
Restarts all running services.
jive restart [servicename{cache,docconverter,eae,ingress-replicator,search,webapp,httpd}]
Restarts the one specified service.
jive restart --graceful httpd
Performs a graceful restart of the httpd service.
jive snap
Takes a system or service snapshot.

Executing service property commands

These commands must be executed as the jive user.

For example, if you've got ssh access as root to your host machine, use the following command to switch to the jive user:

sudo su - jive