Setting up user overrides for global blogs

Global blogs are those that are not associated with a specific place. Here you can find how to set up overrides to global blogs for individual users.

Fastpath: Admin Console > Permissions > Blog Permissions
To grant a particular set of permissions to an individual, you create a user override. An override can be used if:
  • A user requires a particular set of permissions for a place, but isn't (and shouldn't be) a member of a permissions user group to which you've already assigned permissions for the place.
  • A user is a member of a permissions user group to which you've assigned permissions for a place, but the person requires a different set of permissions than those received as a member of the place — if the person is an exception to the rule. For example, you might want to separately define the user permissions to enhance or limit their access in the place.

To set up overrides for global blogs to individual users:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Permissions > Blog Permissions.
  2. Under User Overrides, click Create a user override.
  3. In the box, start typing the name of the user for whom you want to set the override. Click the user's name when you see it show up.
  4. Click Set override to view the permissions you can assign.
  5. In the permissions dialog box, select and clear check boxes to assign the user only the required permissions.

    Note that you clear a check box to remove a permission — there's no need to revoke the permission explicitly.

  6. Click Set Permissions to save the override you've created.

The user has the permissions you configured.