Sizing binary storage

To estimate your binary storage requirements, consider your likely number of users and the kinds of materials they may upload.

When estimating the size of your shared storage, the stored footprint for each version of each converted document is about 130 percent of the size of the uploaded document. So, for example, a 5 MB document uploaded by the user means about 6.5 MB of storage needed for each version of the document in your binary storage provider. That's because for each document for which the application generates a preview — for each version of that document — the application generates a preview, thumbnail images, and PDFs.

Note: You only see the increased stored footprint for certain uploaded document types, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF, and it does not occur for all documents. For example, you won't need increased storage for ZIP files or text files. Attachments, images, and any plugins that store binary content also use an increased stored footprint.
Customer size # of users Initial size Extra storage per month
Small (internal) 100 to 500 25 GB 1 GB
Medium (internal) 500 to 5,000 100 GB 5 GB
Large (internal) 50,000+ 500 GB 20 GB
Public* n/a 100 GB 1 GB

* External sites commonly do not allow attachments or binary documents, so they typically don't use a lot of binary storage.