Advanced spam prevention

If your community needs additional spam prevention features, you can check out these extra levels of support.

For more information about these services, see Spam prevention service and 3rd party integration: mollom offering on Worx.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Moderation > Spam Prevention Service

Using Spam Prevention service

This service has more functionality than the basic spam prevention measures. Specifically, this service implements moderation rules developed by analyzing spam attacks across the Jive customer base to provide the most up-to-date spam detection methods.

The Spam Prevention Service is a free service.

Using Spam Prevention service with third-party integration

This service relies on sophisticated machine learning techniques to block spam and malicious content automatically. The integration uses a reputation-based system that keeps a continually evolving archive of user profiles to immediately determine a user’s potential to create spam. This applies to everything from user registration forms to blog entries.

This is a monthly, fee-based service.