Startup property commands

Here you can find the commands you can use with any of the startup properties. These commands enable you to set, list, or delete startup properties on any of the nodes in the configuration.

jive doc
Shows Help for the most commonly modified startup properties.
jive list
Shows all the startup properties you have overridden.
jive list [substring_match]
Lists properties matching the specified substring.
jive list -p
Shows properties in a props file format that you can easily parse with scripts.
jive list -v
Shows all of the available startup properties.
jive set [property_name] [prop_value]
Overrides the existing value of the specified startup property with the new value.
jive del [property_name]
Removes the override for the specified property so that the default value will be used.

For more information on startup properties, see Startup property reference.

Executing startup property commands

These commands must be executed as the jive user.

For example, if you've got ssh access as root to your host machine, use the following command to switch to the jive user:

sudo su - jive