Storage reliability

Here you can find the considerations for configuring reliable storage.

You should mount the Jive system home directory (by default, this is /usr/local/jive) on redundant external storage (preferably SAN storage via redundant HBAs and SAN fabric). When redundant external storage is not available, the local system volume for your Jive installation directory should be mirrored across multiple physical disks to prevent the loss of a single disc as a single point of failure.

The total storage requirements for this directory vary from installation to installation. As a basic guide for capacity planning, consider the following:

Core binaries
The base installation requires 500 MB storage (200 MB on disk, an additional 300 MB needed during upgrades of the platform).
Total system traffic
The system writes all logs to <your Jive installation directory>/var/logs. While the system by default rotates log files to reduce disk space consumed, larger installations may require to retain log files for analysis over time (for example, HTTPD access logs). In a default installation, allocating 5 GB for log storage should provide enough space to grow.
Cache efficiency
For each application, local caches of binary content including attachments and images are maintained. The more space available to those caches, the more efficient the system is at serving binary requests and the smaller the strain on the backing RDBMS. As a capacity guideline, plan on roughly .25 the planned total binary (BLOB) storage in the RDBMS for efficient caching.
Search index size
Each node stores local copies of the system search index. Generally, plan for search indexes to be 1x the total database storage consumption (.5 for active indexes, . 5 for index rebuilds).
Local database backups
When using the Jive platform-managed database, the database is regularly backed up to <your Jive installation directory>/ var/data/backup/full and database checkpoint segments backed up to <your Jive installation directory>/var/data/backup/wal. When an instance is using this database, approximately 35x the total database size is required in the <your Jive installation directory>/var/data/backup location with a default configuration. This number can be lowered by more aggressively removing full backup archives stored in backup/full and by more aggressively removing WAL segments after a full backup has been performed.